What is Wack Drip?

Here at Wack Drip we are committed to bringing you top comfort while providing unique designs. We are a clothing brand that is aiming to support independent creatives by putting more money in their pocket. Think of us as a vessel for these people. Our designers create our pieces that our artist want, not what we tell them to do. All rights and profits are split with our team and artists evenly, we are not here to make a killing. our profits are split up as followed:

  • Artists Merchandise/NFT(Non-fungible token)
    • 50% profits to the artist
    • 25% profits to the designer
    • 25% profits to Wack Drip
  • Wack Drip Merchandise/NFT(Non-fungible token)
    • 50% to the designers
    • 50% to Wack Drip

At Wack Drip we are trying to build a community to give up and coming artists a platform to be heard by the world. We are not taking the vast majority of the profits from our company. Instead, we are using them to develop and grow our reach for our artists. With our business model we do not succeed in our mission unless our artist succeed, because of this we build a bond with our artists and try to help their growth however we can. 

Our artists and designers are in no way obligated to just work with us. They are free to work with other brands and keep their merchandise with us as well! if they so chose they can cut ties with us and do their own thing with love and support from us.